Discover how to transform your body and life.

Nothing will work unless you do.
— Maya Angelou

My purpose is to help you understand your body and how it's meant to move. I work to help you define exactly what you want to achieve in your health and fitness and then craft an individualized set of solutions that will make your results match your intentions.

In my blog you can discover some of my ideas about the body. 

You can look at my schedule and book Active Rehab Sessions (ICBC post accident exercise programs), Personal Training, Pilates 1 on 1 sessions or group classes.

I have some of the main exercises I use to help clients in the movements/exercises link.

Check out my upcoming workshops for more in depth learning.

Below are some videos from a few of the vehicles for my practice:


Strength in Character (  is a project Kevin Maynard ( and myself have created. Below is a video that explains a bit about why we created it and what to expect at one of our workshops.